Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct

No Noise

Be considerate to your other players. Don’t make noise while another player is about to swing. Remember: golf whispers. Cell phones should be set to silent/vibrate or off. Wait until a golf ball is on its way before starting your golf cart.

Your Honors

Whoever shot the lowest score on the previous hole has the honor to tee off first on the next hole.

Watch your Partner’s Ball

Try and keep an eye on your playing partner’s ball when they hit as this will help decrease search time.

Minimize Movement 

When another player is setting up to swing, try to stay still. Avoid standing in another player’s line of sight during their swing.

Yell “Fore”

If a shot that has the potential to hit another person on the course, yell “Fore” to warn the person of the incoming ball.

Wait for All Players 

Wait for all players in your group to tee off before you head off to your next shot. Don’t leave the green until all players in your group have finished putting.

Ready Golf  

Ready golf is when one hits the ball when they’re ready and not necessarily in the order of who’s furthest. Play ready golf only if your group falls behind. When playing ready golf, communicate with your partners as to not have others playing at the same time. This gives them the opportunity to practice proper etiquette.

Leave No Trace

Rake the bunker, fix your ball marks and replace your divots. Leave the course better than you found it.

Shadow Awareness 

Avoid standing on the tee box or green in such a way that your shadow gets in another players putting line or line of sight as they address their ball.

Don’t Walk on a Player’s Putt or Through Line

Be mindful of other players putting line on the green and their through line (the path the ball will travel if it misses the hole). Avoid standing or walking on this line to keep the green smooth for putting.

Your Ball Marker 

If your ball marker is in the way of another players putting line, offer to move it. Carefully move your marker to the left or right of the line but take note of its original placement. Misplacement will incur a penalty for incorrect placement.

Tending the Pin 

For longer putts, offer to tend the pin for your fellow golfer. In windier conditions, try to keep the flag quiet.

Keep Up with the Group Ahead of You 

If necessary, play ready golf until you catch up.

Keep your Cool

It is important to not lose your temper on or around the golf course. Restrain yourself from shouting expletives, throwing clubs, etc.

Follow the Dress Code

When golfing, men should wear a collared shirt. For women, golf tops may have a collar or not. Player should wear a nice pair of pants. Traditional attire shows a sense of modesty and professionalism.


Respect your fellow golfers. Don’t make fun of other players or laugh at bad shots.

Shake Hands 

After a round of golf always remove your hat and shake hands with your playing partners. If you are in a situation where you must adhere to CDC guidelines, acknowledge your playing partners from a safe distance. 

Don’t Offer Advice 

During a competition, please refrain from giving or asking for advice from other players while on the course. Your caddie is the only person you should ask for advice. Do not touch another player’s equipment to learn information that would be considered advice. Common knowledge such as yardage is permissible.

Return Lost Clubs 

If you find a lost golf club while playing, pick it up and return it to the pro shop when your round is finished.

Have Fun and Learn 

Golf is a game that you learn best as you play. If playing with better players, use that as an opportunity to watch and gain some insight. Learn as you go and remember to have fun!