Local Rules

Local Rules

AGTNE will adhere to the current USGA rules of golf, including the USGA suggested rule relating to lost balls and balls hit out of bounds. Course and AGTNE local rules for a specific course or event may supersede the established rules of golf.

To speed play, this rule prohibits players from returning to their prior shot to rehit.

1. The local rule only effects balls either hit out of bounds or lost. This does NOT include ball hit within a penalty area lateral hazard which are to be played according to the rules of golf (as revised for 2019). A provisional may be played prior to leaving the point where the original ball was hit. If the provisional ball is used to play out the hole, the penalty is in effect (stroke and distance).

2. Optionally, the player is allowed to drop a ball (under the penalty of two strokes) in the fairway of the hole being played at the closest point. The ball must be dropped within two club lengths and not nearer the hole from the point that the ball was deemed to have been lost or crossed into an out of bounds area.

3. If the original ball is found during the initial search (not in a hazard, and not out of bounds), it must be played under the normal rules of golf.